Anduze Pots, soon to be sold in the store

Terracotta means literally ‘baked earth’ and has been used by people to create terracotta figures since 26.000 BCE. The figures were fired in primitive kilns, under open fires. Later people started to produce clay pots for food preparation. They used clay ovens to bake bread and to fire their pottery. As a natural and very sustainable material, that has been tested through time, terracotta is still very much present in our modern daily life. In the mediterranean region terracotta is used for both floor tiles and for the typical tuiles on roofs of houses in Provence, in Spain and Italy. Next to that terracotta earthenware has been used both in gardens for thousands of years. In France, the Village of Anduze has built its fame as the capital of pottery since the 17th century. Inspired by the Italian Medici-style vase, the Anduze Vase is adorned with garlands of fruit and flowers. The pots are large, but extremely elegant. The iconic form is taking the sturdy terra cotta pot to the next level and adds elegance to every garden, large or small. Picture is of the Anduze Pots made by Poterie Madeleine in the village, soon to be seen in the courtyard garden of the Couvaloup store in Wassenaar.