Casual elegance

My name is Jet (short for Henriëtte) interior designer and entrepreneur.

Since I was young I have been inspired by the casual elegance of the Mediterranean landscape. No frills, no flashy colors. Dusty roads through olive groves. Beautiful hillsides that offer the perfect blend of shelter and panorama. The elegance of parasol pine trees, or the graphic form of a group of cypress on top of a hill. 

I have always felt the need to make my direct surroundings soothing, serene and beautiful, but always in a relaxed way. The best kind of rooms are the ones that make you want to come in, sit down and stay for a while.

The way we work

At Couvaloup we believe that a house should be a haven, a place to feel at ease and relax instantly. Beauty and function is to be found in all items that surround you. Slow living, time to appreciate the small things, to feel the soul of the items which you use daily. This is a way to give meaning to the everyday tasks of everyday life. 

A room should be as comfortable as it is beautiful, which is why we begin each project by thinking about how the space is going to be used. We work with our clients to create personal, welcoming interiors that go beyond current trends.

We can work with you in three different ways:

1. Studio Sessions:

On Mondays hour long consultancy sessions can be booked at the Couvaloup store. Bring ideas, plans and questions and Jet will provide practical, on the spot advice. These are fun & intensive sessions that will help you with your project. Please contact us for available dates
€195,- per hour

2. Interior Advice on Location

This package consist of two sessions that will accelerate your project. A first visit to the location, to get an impression of the space, where plans & ideas are talked through. The second session is at the store, a moodboard is presented and options for color, material and style are discussed. Please contact us for available dates.


Optional: 3D drawing €995,-

3. Interior Design

Full service interior design (and exterior/garden design if wanted) by Jet and her team. We take on both commercial projects and property development, as well as private homes. We’ll work with you from the initial briefing and design concept through to implementation and installation, ensuring that deadlines are met and budgets adhered to.

If you’d like to find out more about our services please do contact us via

We’d be happy to discuss your project with you and answer any questions you may have.

A home in the sun

The Mediterranean is where modern life as we know it started. It is where Africa, Asia and Europe meet. Ancient civilizations blended around Mare Nostrum, 'Our Sea' as the Romans called her. For more than 4000 years different cultures have influenced eachother in the port cities of the Mediterranean. This wonderful mosaic forms the base of our interior design philosophy.

In the Couvaloup store we aspire to bring you a sense of a home in the sun. Why not create spaces that remind us of summer, a joyful sense of warmth and a slower pace of life at our own homes? Where living spaces spread seamlessly between indoors and out, where the aesthetics are about craft and handmade. Every item in the store has a story, its maker has put his heart and soul into it. 

A simple, honest approach to design, and a color palette based on the earthy tones of olive groves and lime stone.