Introducing ALYSCAMPS: Eco - friendly beauty care from Arles

Natural, eco-friendly and cruelty free skin treatment from Provence

The Couvaloup store is proud to introduce to the Netherlands a new line of natural skin treatment, from Provence. Products are vegan and 100% natural, free from any harmfull ingredient, cruelty free and with fully recyclable packaging. A pump-bottle delivers just the right dose of face care product, promoting responsible, eco-friendly use and a hygienic and efficient beauty routine. The stunning turquoise color of the glass bottles immediately transports you to the Mediterranée, not in the least because of the fragrance of the products, which was developed in perfume capital Grasse. 

Founder of ALYSCAMPS, Julie Faivre-Duboz is a doctor of pharmacy, who was looking for treatment for members of her family with very sensitive skin, that still smelled good and was eco-friendly. When Julie moved to Arles in Provence she decided to start her own brand, inspired by nature and the ancient beauty of the village of Arles. ALYSCAMPS means Champs-Elysées in Provençal.

The brand only uses ingredients that are natural and sourced in Provence, such as olives, figs, sunflowers, apricots and almonds, natural origin active ingredients, either patented or selected for their scientifically- proven efficacy. With her pharmaceutical approach to cosmetics, Julie has initiated an ultra-complete approach: only one product for day and night, including a natural sunscreen, adapted to the sensitive - and sometimes reactive - skin of women as well as men, including teenagers.

ALYSCAMPS is deeply committed to selecting recyclable materials as part of its environmentally-friendly approach. Glass can be recycled indefinitely and is therefore favoured, in addition to a secondary packaging box for transport. The cardboard used in the boxes is FSC-certified, guaranteeing that forests are responsibly and sustainably managed. When glass is not suitable (body care range/large volumes), recycled and recyclable plastic is used, made in France, therefore limiting carbon footprint.