Perfect industrial chair for your project

In 1913 in a factory near Paris, owner Paul-Henry Nicolle needs a functional and sturdy workshop stool for his workers. He designs and manufactures a metal chair with a backrest that is just a little flexible, to give way to the back. The backrest is soon nicknamed ‘the whale tail’ and the chair becomes an instant success. Thanks to its incredible comfort and its ergonomics, the stool is used in many French factories during the 1930s. But after 86 years of existence, new work regulations require five feet instead of four for a stool, to work sitting in front of a machine. Sales are running out and finally manufacturing is stopped.

In 2004 Jérôme Lepert, an industrial archaeologist, by accident discovers the abandoned tools and their moulds, used in manufacturing the chairs. He decides to save them from destruction and to revive the manufacturing of the industrial chair. The presses and tools are refurbished in absolute respect of traditional techniques. The timeless design still feels modern and slick. Barstools and chairs (100% made in France) now appear in restaurants, cafeterias, bistros, delicatessens, kitchens, stores and work spaces. Still as comfortable as ever, for both indoor and outdoor in different heights and colors. The perfect industrial chair for your (holiday) home or your project, be it a beach club or a bistro. Come and try them out at the COUVALOUP store or send us an email at for more information.