The New Mediterranean Interior

The Mediterranean home usually has a sunny disposition and its interior is mostly simple, yet elegant and inspired by the dramatic landscapes, rich history and a perfect climate. It all starts with the quality of the light. Farmhouses in rural parts of the Mediterranean are mostly facing south, and have only small windows -or no windows at all- at the north side. The rooms on the south side might have French doors, giving out on a terrace or even better, a courtyard. White walls, stone floors. The logic and the simplicity of the vernacular architecture brings the beauty. Authentic simplicity and purity, but not necessarily minimalistic. A mix of materials gives the house texture and layers: stone, terracotta, rattan, linen, seagrass, marble, wood, metal. The Mediterrenean interior takes its cue from its glorious climate and translates this to warm earthy tones and natural materials. It embodies an eclectic, effortless style and invites you to just slow down. Why not create spaces that remind us of summer vacation? And bring the joyful sense of warmth and a more relaxed pace of life in our everyday....?